Tidbits for a Healthier Lifestyle

Have you ever done a routine task, even just going up several flights of stairs, and found yourself wondering why that felt harder than usual? Well, you’re not alone.

The routine daily events of city lives leave most of us so spent at the end of the day; we can barely squeeze in a second to exercise, physically and mentally. This monotony becomes increasingly detrimental to our health and well-being.

In this blog, I share with you several exciting insights about natural ways of improving one’s health and educate you on the adverse effects that twenty-first-century lifestyles, cultures, and practices are having on our health. Illnesses like heart diseases, stroke, some forms of diabetes and cancers are the leaders in global healthcare expenditure and continue to cause people untold suffering throughout the world. Luckily, they’re all preventable!

I will put more emphasis on how to observe a healthy natural diet, how to become more active physically, how to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, avoid toxins like cigarettes and follow a strict adherence to periodic health checks. I will also bring you resources and similar stories of people going through the same struggles as you. I hope to build a forum where we can all interact in a fun, personal and intuitive manner as we share compelling and practical ways to guide us all to better lives.

Join me on this journey of discovery. After all, health is not a goal, but a way of life.